List of frequently asked questions

Is your company insured?

Yes, 24/7 Texas Movers is insured.

Are your movers fast, or will they take their time?

For legal matters any moving company in the state of Texas cannot require their movers to run since at times they are carrying large items and one of the last things we would want is for our movers to get hurt. That being said we can guarantee our customers that our movers will not be slacking or “milking the clock”. Our movers are paid for the moves they complete not by the hour, because of this our movers want to finish the move as soon as possible but also being the up most professional mover he can be and move on to the next move. Unlike most companies our movers are not allowed to be on their cell phones or take breaks such as cigarette breaks , the only exception to this is would be if the mover needs to have water (should be no more than a couple of seconds).

Are you guys really opened 24/7?

Yes, we are always open and available to answer any question or give quotes, you may reach us at (469) 449-4168 or at services@null24-7texasmovers.com

Will there be a hidden fee once the movers start?

No, there is never a hidden fee. Once a price has been given that is the price you will pay, you will be asked for an e-mail so a move conformation and quoted price can be sent to you.

Does you company provide long distance services?

Yes of course, we love to go long distance and travel, please be sure to ask about our prices.

Is there anything I can do to speed up the moving process?

Yes there is, you can have everything ready for the movers so when they arrive they can quickly load up your inventory. You can also make sure you have signed any paperwork related to your new home before hand as well as picked up any keys.

Do your movers take smoking breaks?

Up to this date none of our movers have ever smoked. We plan to continue this not only for the movers safety but also to provide great customer experience for years to come. 

Can your movers be trusted?

Our customer reviews speak for themselves, anywhere from "The movers helped us even after the move was finished by setting things in their proper place, thanks you guys!!" - Lesley, to "Our movers found my husband’s old wallet under my dresser and returned it!" - Marisol.

How long does a move take?

We can never say for sure how long a move will take, but we can tell you that it will be done in the quickest and most professional way as possible. All of our moves are done within a reasonable amount of time. Some companies will tell you that the whole move will be done in exactly two hours, please take this as a red flag. These companies will usually have hidden fee’s or might not be insured. In some cases items have come up missing  so be careful out there!

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