Moving Process

Before the hiring a mover:

  • Call the Texas Department of motor vehicles at (888) 368-4689, to make sure that they are a truly registered moving company.
  • Ask if they are insured.
  • Have all of your moving information at hand to get a fast and accurate price, this should consist of the following: moving address that you are moving to a from, date and time desired, how many bedrooms will be moved (inventory list if possible), and please advise the company if there is any special items that need to be moved (large fish tank, pool table, piano, safe or any items over 250 pounds ‘this does not include washer or dryer’ ) and ask if they are capable of moving such items.
  • Ask what type of payments they accept.
  • Get your price and ask for a emailed estimate (beware of super low prices or confusing quotes this can result in hidden fees later on).
  • Please feel free to look at this video provided by CBC:

     Moving company scams: What you need to know. Movin' Day Showdown (CBC Marketplace)

During the move:

  • Have the moving company call you the day before just to confrim the move as as the price (24/7 Texas Movers does this automatically as well as a 30 min. heads up call).
  • Try to have all of your boxes in one location of the residence.
  • Have all of the drawers empty before the move, the weight from the clothing and books can damage your furniture in the moving process.
  • Try to have all pets put away, we would hate for Fully to run out the door and go missing.

After the move:

Please ask the driver or mover if they will allow you to inspect the truck to assure that all of your items are off of the truck.

Make sure you receive a copy of the contract.

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